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Good writing presents your company in words with accuracy, brevity and clarity. It can also inspire, painting pictures in words of the life your customers can enjoy by using your products and services. believes that writing should also match its medium. Business writing for the Web should be brief, clear and easily scannable. Business writing for brochures and other marketing materials should share those characteristics, but can delve into more details. Personal business writing in letters and notes should be professional, yet approachable, and sound like the one whose signature graces the bottom of the page. Writing for advertising, whether radio or billboards or other means, should match the strengths and limitations of those media.


The first rule of editing is, “Do no harm.” The second is, “Let the voice of the writer ring out.” When you have a distinctive style, good editing will polish your delivery. In other words, great editing disappears. When editing is done well, the reader is unaware of that work. Instead, your message just comes alive, seemingly on its own.

The goal of editing texts for business communications is to create a match between the message you want to share and the needs and desires of your customers. Beyond that, you want to speak with them in a language they understand and a style they appreciate.

Each company or organization has its own style, terms and phrases. will safeguard these unique elements in the production of your project.


The most vital tool that brings to editing your business communications is experience, both in real-world, edit-for-the-CEO tasks, and in professional education and development. Beyond that, reading widely and deeply, getting exposure to vastly divergent writing styles, encourages editing that frees varied voices to speak.

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Thank you for the workshop. It was a very enjoyable day. Networking with other secretaries and people doing the same tasks is always so educational. Your presentation was good, easy going, not threatening and the variety of time allocation between “lecture,” discussion and breaks was great. This was a heavy-thinking topic (in that many thoughts were expressed which generated my own thoughts and ideas at a very rapid pace) and it was good to refresh and approach topics from a different aspect. Again, thank you.

–Workshop Participant

Style generally follows the most recent edition of The Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law as the source for editorial style. This reference offers two major advantages. First, customers who read newspapers are familiar with the style of the Associated Press. Second, companies who use Associated Press style can more easily craft releases for the media that fit their style, easing burdens on reporters and editors and raising the likelihood of receiving coverage.


Brochures often get a bad name, but a well-crafted brochure offers your clientele a unified mix of texts and images promoting your products and services. It paves the way for further conversation and provides a reference for individuals to consult at their leisure.

Brochures can introduce your company to potential customers by offering a broad overview. Or they can focus on the attributes and features of specific products or services. They can stand alone or as part of a larger package of marketing materials.

While they are short, they provide a great opportunity to reinforce your brand identity and to give customers a ready reference to your company.


Business stationery works well when it provides an unobtrusive stage for your written communications. It projects the image of your company when you are not present to speak for yourself. Designs and content complement your business cards and other materials.


David Frye recently presented a daylong workshop on communication for congregations at Camp Carol Joy Holling, Ashland, Neb.


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