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Web sites extend the reach of your company or organization through time and across space. You are online everywhere all the time. Customers and constituents can conduct their research and make their decisions on their schedules. In addition, you can engage them in your company or organization through various interactive features.

If you’ve spent any time on the Web, you know how diverse Web sites are, both in content and in quality. specializes in Web sites that fit your overall marketing goals, that speak to your clientele’s needs and desires and that employ techniques to aid accessibility among individuals and across varied computer setups.

The variety of skills that brings to the task of designing a Web site assures that your site will employ the optimum mix of design, texts, images, graphics and interactivity.


While you can design a Web page using nothing more than TextEdit or NotePad and a browser, employs BBEdit for coding and validating pages, CSSEdit for developing style sheets and Photoshop Elements and Adobe Lightroom for image preparation.

Complete Design Samples

These sites represent structure and style designed by The content in them represents the collaboration with the customer.

Managed Content Samples

This site offers its customer the opportunity to maintain a simple site using the WordPress blog platform. provides hosting and technical support to the customer.

Site Refreshment Samples

These sites result from projects to refresh the content, structure and design of an existing site.

Defining the Design

A conversation in person, by telephone or e-mail is the best way for you and to size up the goals of the project and define its scope. When that plan is clear, design can begin.

Crafting the Project brings a broad array of skills to your project: planning, writing, editing, photography, graphic design and Web construction. Because the goal is to match the project to your needs and your customers’ desires, back-and-forth conversation along the way assures a successful project.

Pricing and Payment offers free consultations and estimates.

An initial payment of $100 is required at the beginning of the project. Sites that will run on the free, open-source WordPress platform, typically begin at $500. Additional site design and construction, site maintenance and improvement, as well as other creative services, costs $50/hour, billed in fifteen-minute increments. Hosting fees begin at $75/year and can range upwards depending upon the specific advanced capabilities your site requires.

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